Jay Tee | Fine Art Children Portraiture and Nature Photography

Jay Tee. Photographer from Hanover, Germany.

My name is Jay Tee. I am a german artist specialised in children’s fine art portraiture, kids fashion and abstract nature photography. My photographic style is conceptual, emotional and simple. I always want my photos to be stylish, bewildering or relentlessly authentic.

I use to take pictures of children and teenagers only after i get to know them and their families. I want to capture them in the fullness of their beauty, individuality, and dignity, grasping the secret of the forever lost childhood. In contrast to my work with people i also love to roam in nature. Being for myself i try to capture the beauty of nature in a authentic but creative and special way.

I live in north germany and work as a international photographer since 2005. Beside my artistic work i shoot commercials and image campaigns for numerous corporations and companies. I also do drone photography and aerial filming for commercials, television and sometimes cinema since 2010.

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