Crash Boom Baaang House Party - Jay Tee

Crash Boom Baaang House Party

Once upon a time there was this amazing girl named Ava Mazing.

She loves to walk through the neighborhood, hanging around and meeting friends at the mall.

One saturday she was on her way home, waiting at the lonely train station of a small village.

Dressed in fancy striped supersocks and with a so cool hairstyle she enjoys the silence of this wonderful summer evening.

Suddenly such an awesome sound enters her ears.

Could that be? A house party nearby?!

She followed the stunning sound to an abandoned house. So thrilling: Broken windows, kicked in doors and super loud music but nobody to see!

Freaking curious she carefully open the broken door just to have a look. This was so amazing!

When she enters the second floor she immediately finds herself performing an absolutely crazy dance session on the bar table.

After several minutes of crazy dancing she did a break just for a quick fresh-up in the bathroom.

But she ends up enjoying a bath in the luxurious whirlpool.

She was still alone in this huge house filled with super fresh beats and a beautiful whirlpool just for her. How cool is that?!

She gazed in the air and began to day-dream… What will she do next?! There was this huge dressing room… Maybe she can „borrow“ a cool outfit? The room was filled with so many amazing clothes…

Suddenly the music stops! WTF?! The house owners are back…

She quickly jumped out of the pool and sneaking into the dressing room to grab few pieces.

Before leaving the house through the backdoor she hits the firealarm to pop off silently.

To be continued...

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